Spring Fibre Shindig 2017 – packing time

from the studio:

Packing for The Fibre Shindig while Jay does a dance to the kiln gods. Saturday 10-5pm Hillhurst Community Centre in Calgary for all your knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving needs!


from the studio:

Reclaim! All our broken, trimmed, and dried bits are re-mixed, rehydrated, and recycled back into working clay. We mix it with a drill and cement mixer attachment, then lay it out on our plaster to start the drying process. As it dries, we flip it, then start to wedge it (the potter’s type of “kneading”) and it becomes usable again. It’s much work but we think it’s worth it.

We do wish we had a pug mill so we didn’t have to do this manually though. Anyone want to just… give us one for free? We’re open to offers!

Buy Handmade and start ’em young

from the studio:

My son has excellent taste. His purchase from Make It Calgary is this statement by femme.broidery that he is now proudly displaying in our kitchen. #BuyHandmade #StayWeird #ArtistsUnite

Spring Fibre Shindig!

from the studio:

We’ll be at The Fibre Shindig with mugs and buttons and yarn bowls, oh my! Today marks twenty days to go until the show… Wheeee!

New for Shindig are hand forged penannular shawl pins by Chasing Fire brother, local blacksmith artisan Jarrad Gould. They require some heavy labour so Jarrad will have a small selection available in black and silver colours, so please swing by early to get first pick of size and colour!

Bye bye, 2016!

cleaning the kiln sitter

The Kiln may be Scrooge but we aren’t – Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from us to you! We’ll fire our last kiln of 2016 on Boxing Day since the kiln called it quits yesterday twice, and we can take a hint. It’ll be fixed in no time but for now, eggnog for all! #ceramics #KilnTech #KilnSitterContactCleaning #paragonkilns

Knitted Mugs

I try not to have favourites.

Knitted Mug

I don’t want the other mugs or bowls or buttons to be envious or feel unloved. Everything has a function, even if that function is to be put in the “Bad Day Box” for a future aggression-relieving smashing session. Some pots may be more attractive to look at and definitely feel nicer to hold but I can’t openly declare one better than another in front of the others. Maybe a button is a little off but that’s what makes handmade items so special and unique, right? Sometimes you can see our fingerprints in our work, and you can see clearly that our hands are making everything that you see in our online shop, at the markets we attend, and in the gifts that we give. Everything is beautiful in its own way.

Knitted Mug

All of these reasons are why I snuck these mugs into the house, far from the others, to tell them how much I adore them. I fawned over them. I cooed at them as if they were baby animals. They thrill me. This experiment has been a complete and total success.

Ribbed for my pleasure, indeed.

Knitted Mug

We worked hard to make these knitted mugs, and they are 100% handmade here in our studio. They feature my own knitting that was molded for the slabs (and yes, I wish I’d blocked that sample a bit more aggressively). Dishwasher and microwave safe too!

We will have this newly released mug at the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair in northwest Calgary on November 12 & 13 from 9am-5pm at the Triwood Community Center. Selection is limited so if you’d like something ribbed for your pleasure, come early and see us at our booth! Jason, myself, and Cheryl will be there to assist and either hook you up, or comfort you if we are sold out. I hope we see you there!

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from the studio:

All cheer mistress of glazing, Myrna! She has been by keeping us out of the looney bin and keeping us close to schedule. The kiln is firing every day this week to keep up, and her brushwork is making magic over here.

Bonus: She keeps Jason in line. It’s like a win-win all around for me.

Repost・・・Happily helping @chasingfirestudio maintain sanity as the#calgaryfibreartsfair stampedes ever closer. #ceramics #glazing #freenotcheap #imshoppingwhileipaint

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