Candy Kisses

from the studio:

Bright candy colours from this kiln unload for our spot at Stampede Makers’ Market.

The kiln is running every other day with some new glaze colours, like that brilliant teal on the top right. Come on down to the Calgary Stampede grounds from July 13-16 to say hi. We’ll be hanging among the brilliantly coloured yarns from Sea Turtle Fibre Arts for a colour extravaganza!


I can’t believe I forgot to hit “PUBLISH” on this post a month ago. This was such an fun day with Chantal, and even though I was nervous as heck and forgot to brush my hair before she arrived (we were focused on cleaning the studio), I’m so very very happy with her finished episode!

I really wish Jay was wearing his kilt though. He really thought he would hide for the entire episode. Ha!

from the studio:

Holy crap, it’s live!! SQUEEEEE!!!

Calgary Stampede – See us July 13-16

We are in booth #20 from July 13-16 at the Calgary Stampede Maker’s Market! The Maker’s Market will have rotating artisans in three blocks during Stampede, and we will be present beginning the LAST Thursday morning (July 13) through the final weekend. Bring on the mini donuts!

Local and Canadian handmade products available in the BMO Centre during the Calgary Stampede. Chasing Fire Studio & Sea Turtle Fibre Arts are booked in for July 13-16, however the market runs the entire length of Stampede in BMO Hall A!

Sea Turtle Fibre Arts:
Chasing Fire Studio:

Maker Market Info:



yarn bowl party

Stampede Maker Market prep continues… Yarn bowl with flowers and I don’t even know if this is leaving my house ever.

from the studio:

Another yarn bowl is now in progress where I’m loving texture plates. Pebbles, yes!

Delicious flock of fibrey mugs

I call it a FLOCK O’ FUN!

from the studio:

Check out our awesome flock! Beautiful mugs from Chasing Fire Studio filled with yummy Sea Turtle Fibre Arts yarn. Can you tell we like the same colours? Sarah had these at Olds Fibre Week, and we’ll have them at Calgary Stampede July 13-16.

Stampede Maker Market

from the studio:

Stampede is coming soon and we’ll be in the BMO Centre Calgary Stampede Maker Market  with Sea Turtle Fibre Arts on the last four days July 13-16! Come party it up, handmade style. #CSMkrMkt #CSArts2017 #yyc

Oooh a visitor!

from the studio:

I’m gonna hang out with this lady and see how much trouble we can make at the clay table. I like new victims/friends!  Chantal from The Skein Game is coming over, and Jason & I are going to TRY to avoid getting caught on camera bickering about who hid the red rib* from whom.  #MondayFunday

* We have two red flexy Mudtools ribs in the studio. They are both mine and Jason’s favourite clay tool. I purchased both of them thus I know that they exist. I often search and search to find them both and put them side by side to prove to both of us that there are, in fact, two, and they are, in fact, here. As I turn off the lights and close the door of the studio, at least one of those ribs hide, and we are left to fight over the remaining rib. On really terribly mischievous nights, both ribs dash about, and we are left bickering over who last had The Red Ribs, and their current whereabouts. Seventeen years of marriage, folks. This is what keeps it interesting.

Thank you Shindiggers!

from the studio:

I didn’t take any other photos at Fibre Shindig because I was having too much fun! Thanks for another great day. It was wonderful to see familiar faces, and it’s always fun to meet new fibre addicts. (And yes, you all SHOULD take a pottery class!) Now, I’ll sleep for two days after filling my own mug with something tasty. #fibreshindig #community

Spring Fibre Shindig 2017 – packing time

from the studio:

Packing for The Fibre Shindig while Jay does a dance to the kiln gods. Saturday 10-5pm Hillhurst Community Centre in Calgary for all your knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving needs!

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